Photography is all about personal vision. Everyone of us perceive this in a different way. What appeals to me may not appeal to another person and vice-versa. Photography offers me the possibility to see the world anew. As Ansel Adams stated, the photographer's objective is not the duplication of visual reality. This website is intended to show the world as I see it. Difficulty is what I find the most appealing in photography. I am fully convinced that effort and difficulty give value to our projects. To our lives actually. It is common thinking that photography is just about point and shoot and that the camera does the rest. But the truth is that finding - or making - a great shot is extremely difficult. Most of my images are black & white. There are mainly two reasons behind. First, I consider grayscale photography more "shape-based". Since there is no "color", shapes become of greater significance and value. Second, black & white photographs have an inherent "mysterious" flavour by which I am really attracted to. Put simply, they are more poetical and elegant. 

Around mid 70's, at age of eight I was given a second-hand Olympus PEN EE-2 from my godfather. That event sparked off my interest in photography. I played around with this camera for many years although there are no relevant works from that phase. In late 90's I bought my first SLR 35mm film camera, a Nikon F70. In year 2000 I attended my first photograph course. In 2005 I jumped into digital with a Nikon D70. Since then, I have attended several courses on many different subjects (digital and dark room developing, strobist, studio lighting, visual language, composition, nude, portrait, landscape, concert and theatre photography among others). Today, I still keep my old Olympus which takes part to my personal vintage camera collection.

The most important gear I have as a photographer is my heart and my index finger. However, on the technical side I rely on my camera. I shot DSLR cameras since 2005. Mid 2012 I bought my first mirrorless camera. It was an Olympus OM-D E-M1. 

Mirrorless technology is a game changer. It provides unparalleled performance in a lightweight body along with state-of-the-art functionalities such as "peak" focusing, live composition and real exposure view among many others. Nowadays I have the OM-D E-M1 mark II and I do not have a DSLR any longer. I typically use M.Zuiko micro four thirds lenses.

With regard to digital developing, I use Adobe Lightroom CC. This tool has demonstrated to be extremely powerful as it covers the photographer workflow from start to end.

Winter in Catalan Pyrenees